Yo, 2014.

Hey! It’s that time again. Finally. You know, when you wonder a lot how the heck it is nearly the end of the year already. How the hell time plays with your mind, being all tricky and impertinent. I mean, it’s like I’ve only been through about five fucking months! It’s crazy how you make it all seem so fast and concise, time, but I appreciate your will of never wanting to stop, ‘cause things are still left undone. Many things. Clapping sound effect, please.

Oh, yeah. Jsyk, I was starting 2014 with a kind of brand new experience. Really, though. Never in a piece of my mind could I think that I’d go out at 12 am snuffling the breath of the midnight. It was all from this link: http://www.infoastronomy.co.vu/2013/12/ada-hujan-meteor-di-malam-tahun-baru.html. No, you wouldn’t want to miss such a thing.

Finding this Quadrantid meteor shower on New Year’s Eve thing is like finding a golden ticket inside the chocolate wrap, though in fact I’m not as damn lucky as Charlie. In this very huge opportunity, the rain and the clouds had this some kind of plan where I couldn’t just easily enjoy myself with a glass of coffee and splashing swashes at the Karangantu Dock. And with the three of new found fellas. Even worse, some dickheads who call themselves police did something ridiculous to us. Here we go again. How I hate society’s viewpoint. FUCK YOU, WE WERE JUST GONNA CHILL, STARGAZE, AND READ SOME POEMS, THOUGH I ACTUALLY DIDN’T READ. TEEHEE. Never mind. To go this far, honestly, I would give my face much applause. The loud clapping palms right in front of my nose!

Alright. I won’t tell much as at some point I’m gonna reveal things that heaven strongly forbid. What I want to say is whoa. I can’t imagine how dope it would be if we really could catch the meteor shower, though. Goddamn.

Anyway, Happy New Year. So thankful I’ve done some cool things as a start of the old-new journeys, in the end of 2013. Kick 2014 right in the nuts, you guys.


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